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What Are You Holding Back?

quote - never not what you're getting

I’m reading Marianne Williamson’s, “Everyday Grace” right now, and this quote struck me so profoundly when I read it the other day, I wanted to share it. Anita Moorjani, who I spoke of in my last blog post, spoke about this same sort of principle – that if we withhold our magnificence from the world, and keep it inside, it can turn into a sort of self-implosion that eats away at us from within, turning into disease and dis-ease in our lives.

I think Marianne is speaking of the same thing here. It’s all those little things we are afraid of sharing, because we’re afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of what others will think, afraid of making a mistake, afraid we’re not quite there yet. Each time we withhold a piece of ourselves from the Universe, every time we question an inner intuition to share our love and joy with the world, it’s like a small firework going off before it leaves the ground –  it still erupts within, but because it has nowhere to go, it simply burns itself up.

I know I’ve been withholding my magnificence from the world in many ways – out of fear of failure, fear of life, fear of joy, fear, fear, fear, and a bit of pain, too. I’m working right now on allowing it to come out and loving myself enough to trust that it’s important to share my heart, but it’s a daily process, and one that I’m taking with you.

Today, ponder on this thought. What are you withholding? What is that one thing within that keeps dogging at you, tugging at your heart again and again, asking you to let it out into the world and express it, believe it, dream it? What are you holding back? What could you give away? I’m not talking about going and clearing out your pantry and donating some staples to the local food bank. I’m asking you to look within and ask yourself what’s in there that’s dying to come out, but maybe you’ve been afraid to try? If you could live like Anita Moorjani does after her near-death experience – FEARLESSLY – what would you do with that thing within?

Is there one small thing you could do today to start expressing your magnificence?

Take a moment to consider it, then “fake it ’til you make it.” Act courageously, even if you feel scared to death. Try it. See what happens!

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