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One Tool That Can Change Your Life

It’s not, “If you can see it, then you’ll believe it.” It’s, “If you can believe it, then you’ll see it.”

~Wayne Dyer 

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Every morning I meditate and visualize a big ole’ daydream of the most incredible things I want to create in my life. I design my destiny by focusing on it, believing and feeling it as if it’s already real. Then…it IS real.

This is the meditation I do every morning. It’s a twenty-minute meditation by Wayne Dyer called the “I Am That” meditation (check it out, he even gives instructions at the beginning, and you don’t have to do a full 20 or 40 minutes, just do 5-10 if that’s all you’ve got). Since I started doing this meditation every morning, I have: finished my memoir, successfully pitched it to agents and editors, traveled to Maui on an all-expenses paid trip, attended a Chainsmokers concert with VIP backstage passes, attended a major writing conference in San Francisco, been asked for my autograph for the first time (haha!!!), bought my dream home, stopped having seizures after two years of suffering, healed from PTSD and depression, and dramatically improved my health & family life.

I live from my end game now. I walk through this world knowing all the ideas in my head are already wishes fulfilled. I want to tell the world, “I published my book & it’s a bestseller!” because in my mind it already is even though at this point, it’s unpublished.

I have pictured myself all year long in the moments I wanted to create. I imagined myself in a hotel room in San Francisco for months and then I made that vision come true. I imagined myself on a beach in Maui. For months in meditation I smelled the salt air, felt the sand between my toes, inhaled the cool breeze and soaked in the feeling of absolute bliss to be near the ocean…and then, I was! I live in Arizona, I have four kids and a seizure disorder and now I’ve been on exotic beaches four times in eight months! I made those moments happen for myself with my belief, my determination & most importantly, the most powerful thing I possess: my imagination.

If you can dream it, you can be it. Expect the best. Expect that your dreams are already fulfilled, held in trust, waiting for you to claim your rightful, rich inheritance. You are what you think. You are what you believe. Stop focusing on what isn’t working. Stop focusing on your current reality. Instead, imagine your future reality. Become a master at envisioning what WILL BE. You, like everyone else on this planet, possess an incredible imagination you can use to design the life of your dreams.



If you’re struggling right now with a job loss, a break-up, the loss of a friendship, the death of a loved one, a family member’s addiction, or an illness, this applies to you, too. You can SEE yourself out. As in, envision your way out of sorrow and struggle into a future of joy and purpose. Continue to hold your vision strong even in times of turmoil. Make it a must, hold fast to your commitment and believe that no matter what it looks like now, you can and will make these dreams happen. You can always RISE AGAIN after any fall – trust me, I know. I have used these tools to rise again umpteenthousand times, and they work. That’s why I want to share them with you, so you can have the confidence that no matter what you face, you too can always RISE AGAIN.

You are the most powerful person in your life and the Universe has your back. What will you dream up for your life today? 

I love hearing from you! Drop a comment below and tell me what’s your favorite meditation or visualization routine? Do you daydream as you’re falling asleep at night? Do you write in a journal? Leave a comment below. I love hearing from you! 

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