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Milestones, Intuition & Instincts: What Could You Do If You Really Trusted Yourself?

It is written...

It is written…

I think I just finished the first chapter of my new book! After abandoning three years worth of a 600-800 page book that turned out to be mostly a healing tool for myself, I’m finally writing the book I know I’m meant to share with the world. I know it may take time to come to full fruition, but whether it takes a month or a year, or 10, it feels like I’m finally following my calling.

I was truly inspired this week, yet again, by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday – a beautiful conversation with singer/songwriter India Arie, who left the music industry to follow her own spiritual calling, and is now returning with more soul-stirring lyrics and music. I’m inspired by India Arie because in a way, I did the same thing myself. In a former life, I was a singer/songwriter, too. I had a Producer, a demo, a few “15 minutes of fame” sort of experiences, and left it all behind when I started feeling more pressure to put my “image” and ideas in other’s hands, instead of following my own instincts, intuition and dreams.

Now, my “songwriting” is this beautiful book I hope to bring into the world. But, even though I’m older and wiser now, I still struggle with following my instincts and trusting my inner guidance – truly trusting myself. I am, like my book, a work in progress – on a daily journey of courage and faith, to try and keep this dream alive. Aren’t we all?!”

On that note, I wanted to share this ADORABLE and INSPIRING “Super Soul Short” they ended the India Arie Part I episode with. Don’t worry, it’s not just another cute animal video. It’s a reminder to listen to your own inner voice, a natural instinct we are all born with, but often forget.

“What We Can All Learn From This Tiny Lamb”

That one line, “What she calls instinct, we call gut,” just sounded like a gong in my soul when I heard it. Why is that we so often listen more to what others believe/think of, or for us, then to our inner guidance? Why do we give away our power to others? Why do we believe what others think or feel of us must be truer than our own soul’s song that tells us we are beautiful, worthy, loved, amazing, powerful creatures – that tells we were sent here to share our hearts, and we are the only ONE person who can give that gift to the world?

If following your instincts was first, not second nature…what would you do today, tomorrow, the day after? If you followed your intuition as easily as a lamb knows to pick himself up on four feet 30 seconds after birth, what impact could you make in the world?

Blessings to you today as you ponder these thoughts. 🙂

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