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Dear Blogiverse: Hello…and Congratulations

"The World Revs Its Heat Engine" Photo credit: from NASA on Flickr, no known copyrights exist


Nice to meet you.

Thank you for greeting me so warmly.

I’ve recently begun my own WordPress Blogiverse journey, and find myself to be quite content here in the WordPress hemisphere, because, well, you guys are awfully nice. I love meeting bloggers from all sides of the globe, and I’m thankful for my “homeroom” WordPress peeps!

I feel like I’m now a part of something – part of a rare community of self-expressing abandoned minds and insightful hearts. We all seem to share a common trait – we’ve got words stirring within which we’re compelled to expel at least 1-5x a week! So, we are joined in our self-expelling!

But, what really gets me is this: I talk, and you talk back! Huh?! What?! 

Some of you are even following me, connecting with me, and I’m connecting with you, too! Yes, the WordPress Blogiverse simply…ROCKS. 

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to have a space to write your world, and know that probably, someone somewhere out there is going to read it?

Photo courtesy of "Blissfully Bald" Freshly Pressed post

From My Blogs Giving Me the Finger to Blissfully Bald: Why My Wife & I Decided to Shave our Heads, Coming out of the Bloset to Brain Dead…Take her off Life Supportwhat a wonderful little Blogiverse we have here, wouldn’t you agree?!

Add in Grim Reaper Girl – Part 1, or two (yup, that’s me) and thousands more self-expressing word-ists joining daily, and what have we got?

Well, seems to me, that we,  in our totality, are encouraging a bit of…diversity! Some home-grown validation, connection and acceptance..all at once.

Wow, congratulations to you Blogiverse and fellow blogging bloggers and readers! You are bringing a warring world to inspiring peace, one well-chosen word at a time.

Now, I leave you with the Stars Wars anthem (duhn duhnn…duhn duhn duhn duhhhhhnnnn duhnnnn…) probably zinging round your you venture back to your bit of the Blogiverse, boldly going where 445,814 other bloggers have gone today! 

Keep up the good work, and thanks for taking me along for the ride!

Yours truly,

Recent WordPress Inductee, Megan Aronson

P.S. If I haven’t met you already, please introduce yourself below so we can unite within our divine little Blogiverse!!!! LOL! 

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