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And The World Spins Madly On…

This is a true story that was shared with me recently. I have omitted last names to respect the family’s privacy, and re-written  to the best of my memory in the stunning of hearing such a moving story. 

Cathy’s husband Gary was one of our twelve. The twelve deaths in three years, I mean. He was like a second Dad to us in many ways. We always felt like part of their family.

Gary was a tall man with piercing blue eyes, a salt and pepper beard, a sort of Sean Connery, get’s better lookin’ as they age kind of handsome. It was the light and the kindness in his eyes that met you first, though – drew you into his, made you feel like family.

When he was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, I believe it was right around his 50th year. His oldest son was having kids, his youngest was off to College. He told the family of the disease, but never told them, it was terminal. 

He fought it for about a year and a half before he finally passed away, leaving behind his beloved wife Cathy, three children, two grand-children, and a few more “adopted” kids like me.

It’s been almost two years since he  passed.

One day, Cathy was at work and was introduced to a man and a woman. Within seconds of meeting them, the woman stopped the flow of conversation, looked Cathy square in the eye, and said, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Cathy had never met this woman. She went on to tell Cathy she was clairvoyant, and continued, “I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. He wants you to know he’s with you now, and always. He’s standing behind you, he’s tall, very handsome, has a salt and pepper beard, and piercing blue eyes.”

Cathy’s disbelief turned to faith, as she continued to listen to this woman describe her husband perfectly.

As they began talking, she said to Cathy’s son, “I know the hardest thing for you, in losing your Dad, was wishing he could’ve seen your kids grow up.” Danny has two kids, a boy, age 6, and a little girl, age 3. He began to cry as the woman spoke, for it was truly his heart’s deepest ache that his Dad did not live to watch his grandchildren play and grow up.

The woman saw the tears in Danny’s eyes and continued, “He wants you to know, he is here! He watches your kids play all the time! In fact, his favorite spot to hang out is in your living room. He loves to sit in the red velvet chair and watch them play, every day!”

Danny began to weep. Yes, there is a red velvet chair in his living room, right where his kids play every day.

A week later, he was on the floor playing with his daughter and snapped a photo of her on his phone. When he went to look at the picture, he saw something amazing. A giant orb hovering over the red velvet chair watching over his daughter.

The woman finished her conversation with Cathy with a request. “Your husband says there’s something he wants you to do for yourself, something that he used to do for you, and you haven’t done since he passed. Can you think of what it might be?”

Cathy thought hard, but couldn’t come up with an answer. She was still taken aback by this experience, and overjoyed to feel the presence of her husband again.

The woman said, “Well, I’m going to come back in a couple days and ask you. You think hard, and let me know if you figure it out.”

A few days passed, and Cathy wracked her brain incessantly, trying to come up with the answer. What was her husband trying to tell her from beyond the grave? Surely, it was something important! And, if it was so important, why couldn’t she figure it out?!

When Cathy saw the woman again, she asked immediately, “Did you figure it out?” Cathy looked bewildered, “No, I wracked my brain and I just couldn’t figure it out!”

The woman chuckled, “Do you remember how every night before bed Gary would shine your shoes? He wants you to shine your shoes again. You haven’t done it since he left. He wants you to know, it’s o.k., and he’d really like it if you’d do that for him again.”

Cathy began to cry and laugh, all at once. She hadn’t even touched Gary’s side of the closet since he passed, and she hadn’t thought of him shining her shoes, either. But yes, he had done that every night before bed – a little ritual for her. He’d leave them on her side of the closet, ready and waiting for the next morning – a gift for her to start her day.

Cathy and her son may never have believed in angels before, but they sure do now. 

(Thank you to Cathy and her son for giving me permission to share this story here, in hopes it will speak to others.)

This story is a testament to the truth, that our loved ones never really leave us. They simply change forms. I feel my Grandmother’s presence more strongly now then I did when she was alive, and now she’s not so cranky anymore! Tonight, watching this video below, I felt my nephew’s presence strongly again, in a way I haven’t felt in so long. We’ll be coming on up 10 years since his passing soon, but it still feels like yesterday. It’s hard, though, because he wasn’t even three, our time together was so brief, my memories have faded and I often have to reach deeply into the recesses of my mind to pull up the feeling of his soul around me again. I think, though, that I just forget how close he is, really, all the time, and watching something like this reminds me. 

So, for you…a gift…for anyone who has ever lost someone they loved. 

The World Spins Madly Round

This video is for Cathy and Gary, Joy Plastid and the memory of her husband, for everyone here who has lost someone they loved, and in memory of my angels before me. 

Now to finish, one more beautiful thing that was shared with me recently, from beyond…

Megan, I received this message from “the Universe” soon after my husband’s best friend and our best man committed suicide last year. I pulled it back up recently to comfort myself as the anniversary of his death approaches. Thought I would share it with you. I especially love the last line, #10, kinda what you have been saying too!The top 10 things dead people want to tell living people are:1. They’re not dead. 2. They’re sorry for any pain they caused. 3. There’s no such thing as a devil or hell. 4. They were ready to go when they went. 5. You’re not ready. 6. They finally understand what they were missing. 7. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the moment you arrive. 8. Don’t try to understand this now, but life is exceedingly fair. 9. Your pets are as crazy, brilliant and loving, here, as they were there. 10. Life really is all about love, but not just loving those who love you…In their own words, The Universe

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