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7 Ways to Hold A Vision For Your Life

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Do you have a vision for your life, or are you just going through the motions? What happens when the snowball of your life hits unimaginable obstacles – can you keep it on course?

We all need a vision. A vision is not just a dream or a wish – it is an inner calling that comes from knowing and fulfilling your true purpose on this Earth. It is an inner expression of joy, creativity, and connection with others.

A vision sustains you through the bumps on the road. It’s the reason you get up, dust yourself off and keep going. It’s something that holds so true, and so deep inside of you, that you cannot – will not – let it go, no matter what. When you are fulfilling your vision – in big ways and small – taking tiny steps towards it, or leaps and bounds – you feel ALIVE. You feel energized, invigorated, sometimes even euphoric.

Here are a few ways to uncover, incorporate, fuel, feed and hold a vision for your life, no matter where your snowball rolls. 

7 Ways To Hold a Vision



1.) Quiet Reflection/Meditation When I am completely quiet and still, sitting outside on my back porch listening to the sounds of the Earth coming to life each morning, the ticker tape of thoughts – drama, self-criticism, worries and fears – ceases to exist. In the silence, I hear, see, feel, and know my inner vision, so I can hold it tight with me through whatever craziness the day has in store for me.

Quiet time reminds me that life is not just about the bills, the jobs, the daily discipline, the sometimes laborious chores of being an adult, a parent, a wife, etc. I am a creative being – it is my inherent birthright to CREATE.

2.) Set Intentions Intentions are your steering mechanism on that snowball. If you don’t set them, your headed nowhere fast. Set your intentions and stick to them. Changing your mind frequently is like flipping on the turn signals back and forth every 2 seconds. All you will create is dis-order.



3.) Write It Down Keep track of your vision! I have a journal full of yesterday, last month, and last year’s pieces of my vision. I write down every tidbit that comes to me, then frequently go back to re-read and work at puzzle-piecing them all together into my vision.

Writing it down also creates accountability to yourself. When you are feeling afraid of what others will think, or worrying about your ability to succeed, go back and re-read the days when you felt confident & enlivened by fulfilling your dreams on this Earth.

Also, write down those intentions, daily! Putting them on paper gives them even more power – it’s like turbocharging your snowball.

4.) Whittle Away At It There is always a reality to life of bill-paying, chore-doing, working, cleaning, maintaining, organizing and a million other ‘ing’s. When you start to feel overwhelmed by the -ings of life, stop and take some time to move a small stone in the direction of your dreams. For me, it’s a Facebook fan page post, a blog post, a paragraph in my new book, work on a new article, time free-writing in my journal, or the like. They are all small stones being built into a solid foundation for my vision.

Each time you set another stone, you further cement your vision into existence. You give the Universe further direction, and it will rise to meet you in this.



5.) Feed Your Vision Treat your vision like a new puppy! Feed it with reading, writing and creativity. Write, sing, draw, paint, cook! Create in any way you possibly can, whenever you can! This opens the door for your vision to be expressed in many ways, creating a channel for more innnnnn-spiration. (If you want innnn-spiration to come innnnn, you have to create an innnnn-flowing channel for it!)

6.) Autocorrect Self-Doubt Ever catch yourself thinking, “I’m sure someone else has already thought of this,” or, “Who am I to think I can do this?” My response to that…who are you NOT to do this? You are the only person in this world with your unique set of gifts to share. If you don’t share them, no one else will.

Autocorrect your self-doubt like an iPhone corrects incorrect spelling. Each time you start to hear those thoughts in your head, take a moment to acknowledge them & try to understand what fears lie beneath them. Then, re-write them with encouraging self-talk and positive affirmations.

You don’t have to lie to yourself – tell yourself truths like, “I know I was given this gift for a reason,” or, “I am trusting and believing that the right people and experiences are coming into my life to create this.”

7.) Don’t Lose Hope! I’m sorry to tell you, holding a vision is not always a walk in the clouds. Renowned Pastor Joel Osteen says we meet the greatest resistance when we’re about to break through to something BIG. When you meet resistance, remind yourself of this – you’re about to break through to something amazing. Can’t you feel it?!

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