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June, 2023

Where did the #RiseAgain post begin??? ➡️
3 years ago I did something crazy & got on a plane alone with a seizure fly to the San Francisco Writers Conference & share our story. For 4 days I fought off seizures constantly...but I didn't let it stop me from stepping into those rooms & sharing our story. 
The response was beyond what I could have imagined. After years of hiding alone in a room writing, it was truly one of the most profound experiences of my life.
At the last day of SFWC, I walked back into my hotel room & realized something had shifted inside me. I couldn't go back to being the "scared, small" version of me. I wanted to live again...REALLY live. So I made a commitment to myself - no going back, only going ahead to more & more ON FIRE days.🔥
I snapped this picture to remind me to keep seeking out moments like this one. And that's how the #RiseAgain pose was born. That was the first mountain I climbed.
Now I share my #RiseAgain moments with you to inspire you. I want to inspire you to romanticize your own life. Become the main character in your own heroes journey! Sometimes getting out of bed is a RiseAgain moment. Sometimes picking up the phone or living out a lifelong dream. You get to decide. Just start celebrating everything guys!! Start looking for reasons to raise your hands to the sky like this!!!! ❤❤❤

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