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Is Your Well Full, or Are You Running on Empty?

© Ashwin82 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images Bad things happen to good people. I think we’ve all figured that one out by now, right?! So, bad things are going to happen to you. Or, like me, LOTS of bad things might happen to you, over and over, with rare pause between crescendos of pain, and you may wake up one day and think, “Wow, really, is this life? Isn’t there something more than this to life?” I’ve been asking myself that question quite frequently as of late

What Are You Holding Back?

I’m reading Marianne Williamson’s, “Everyday Grace” right now, and this quote struck me so profoundly when I read it the other day, I wanted to share it. Anita Moorjani, who I spoke of in my last blog post, spoke about this same sort of principle – that if we withhold our magnificence from the world, and keep it inside, it can turn into a sort of self-implosion that eats away at us from within, turning into disease and dis-ease in our lives. I think Marianne is speaking of th

“Expect the Worst” – Good Advice?

News of a family member’s unexpected illness last week sent me into temporary panic waves resembling those of the Indonesian tsunami of ’04. I have to say, I am getting pretty dang sick of my Mom calling, with that hushed tone and the words, “I have news.” (And she’s probably pretty sick of it, too!) “Hindsight is always 20/20” – how many times have we heard that line? In the last few years, it’s taken on new meaning for me. It seems no matter the terms or conditions of a los

This Post Is Not Going to Amaze You

This, right here, is going to be a below-average, unplanned, spontaneous, barely edited regular-ole’-Joe kind of post. So, hold onto your socks, they’re not going anywhere. I’m a writer, so I have pretty high standards for anything everything I put out into the world that includes words. This includes my Memoir I’ve been working on diligently for 1.5 years now, Workshop Proposals, Press Releases, website content, newspaper articles, contributing articles for sites like Wander

Announcing: “Open to Hope” For You

This is such an honor, as I’m joining the ranks of renowned authors, PhD’s, Grief Counselors, Professors and people like me, who have brandished themselves against the stone of grief to glean what gifts they could. I’m very grateful to have one more outlet for sharing my “Gifts of Grief” that I’ve learned along this journey through loss and life, and look forward to publishing articles several times a year there. I feel humbled to be on the contributing end of a website like

Dear Sweet Nephew: I’m Smiling at the Memory of You Today

Dear Sweet Nephew, Hi, how are you? What’s it like living in the light you were on Earth? I thought today I would write to you, because today it’s been 10 years since you left this Earth. I know you are still nearby, and all around, but, losing the chance to hold you in my arms and run my fingers through your beautiful blond hair again, that was the hardest thing I have ever had to let go of. Marking 10 years today makes me look back on the last decade of my life without you.

Facing Another Loss

#13 is looming on the horizon… Not going into details to respect my family’s privacy in such a hard time, but just thought, seeing as this is my place to share on life and loss, and my journey through it…I’d come here in the rawness of grief and tell you, think of me. It’s been a hard couple days, but yes, the piano practice of grief has made me a beautiful composer. I forced myself to get out in nature day before yesterday, and had the most blissful amazing day of “seeing th

Today I Will Choose Joy – So There!

Every day we have a choice. Choose joy, or sorrow. Even in the depths of despair, we have this choice. I have been at the lowest of my low, in a space where I’d given up on life in so many ways, and still I knew, it was up to me to make this choice. There are times when it can be the hardest choice you have to make – when staying stuck in the pain and the sorrow, the fear and the anger, seems so much easier. I think there are times like this that we use our fear and anger to

Accepting the Unacceptable ~ Finding Peace in the Pain – Part II

Meet my tea kettle. She's broken and beat up, but she's mine & she's beautiful. She is me. Broken and beat-up, but beautiful. Meet my tea kettle. She’s not pretty, but she does the job. My tea kettle has been with me a long time – years in fact. She’s moved four times with me, even across states. She heats water for my organic green tea, for my kid’s Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal. For some reason, I have never wanted to look inside my tea kettle. I’m almost embarrassed to say,

Dear Blogiverse: Hello…and Congratulations

"The World Revs Its Heat Engine" Photo credit: from NASA on Flickr, no known copyrights exist Hello, Nice to meet you. Thank you for greeting me so warmly. I’ve recently begun my own WordPress Blogiverse journey, and find myself to be quite content here in the WordPress hemisphere, because, well, you guys are awfully nice. I love meeting bloggers from all sides of the globe, and I’m thankful for my “homeroom” WordPress peeps! I feel like I’m now a part of something – part of

My Baby Died…And Taught Me to Believe

That little voice within me is always right but, it’s taken me a long time to learn that. I tend to drown her out with the noise of my mind. She knew, when I first found out I was pregnant, on my daughter’s birthday, May of 2009, that it was the beginning of an end. She tried to tell me something was wrong. Every time I uttered those two simple words, “I’m pregnant,” she’d given me that kick in the shin within – it said, “Not yet, wait.” But I didn’t listen. My Aunt Debbie, 5

Grim Reaper Girl – Pt 3 “Death Has Made Me More Alive”

I woke up yesterday morning scared to death of what I had done. I hardly slept the whole night before. It was so scary to tell you how I really feel, what I’ve really been through. I was afraid you’d think of me as a failure, because at times I haven’t been able to figure out how to pick myself up again. I was afraid you’d think, “What she’s going through doesn’t begin to compare to what I’ve been through.” Or, maybe you’d think I’m just a whiny little self-absorbed brat. But

Grim Reaper Girl – Part I

I’m afraid to share what I have to say. I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me. I’m afraid you don’t want to hear it. Just incase you don’t know my story already…in the last three years TWELVE people in my life have died. I have sat at the deathbeds of five. I watched Cancer (and yes, in my book it gets freaking capitalized because it’s a monster) eat four of them alive, slowly and painfully. 90% of them were under the age of 50. One was five. If I averaged it out, I’ve been t